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We warmly welcome you to our restaurant, born in 2009 from the desire to combine our passion with forty years of experience  of our parents. It all started thanks to the idea of creating a local highly specialized in the meat offer "Lo Sciatore", together with a more modern space "il Fuoripista" that could bring to fruition the experience gained after years of management of the first pizzeria with wood oven of Courmayeur

What characterizes  our offer is transparency and the search for quality ingredients, favoring those available in our territory. The pizza that you can taste at the Fuoripista is produced with a mixture of unrefined organic flours and with delicious combinations of ingredients typical of our peninsula as well as purely Valle d'Aosta. Our meats are the result of a long selection including genuine certified beef breeds, the free-range black pig and the free-range chicken. To best enhance its characteristics we have chosen grilled cooking with charcoal handcrafted in Italy. We also have the possibility to offer you steaks matured for a long time, thanks to our latest generation dry aging cells.


In the kitchen, polenta cannot be missing - with ancient varieties of low-yield corn - and some local traditional dishes as well as homemade pasta and some proposals in line with current culinary trends, without forgetting the requirements of authenticity and seasonality.


Last but not least, we could never neglect the wine pairing. This is why our wine list is constantly evolving and supported by the training acquired at the Italian Sommelier Association.

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